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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Central Station Monitoring of your fire alarm system ensures speedy response times from the local authorities. Our fire alarm monitoring systems are UL Listed, FM Approved, and NFPA Endorsed.

Upon activation of a fire alarm, local fire authorities will be notified immediately. Without Central Station Monitoring, the delay between the alarm being activated and the authorities being notified can be the difference between life and death, or a catastrophic loss. Activation can include the detection of smoke, heat, sprinkler waterflow, or a manual activation via pull station.

Subscribers will also be notified upon a trouble signal or a lack of daily test, which can alert them to potential problems with their fire alarm system.

Alarm panels can be monitored a variety of ways. Subscribers can choose to use POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), or cellular or internet communication via Honeywell’s Alarmnet Network.

In addition to fire alarm monitoring, we also offer 2-way voice communication required in many elevators. Upon an elevator emergency, passengers will be connected to a live operator who will automatically be advised of their locale and handle their emergency accordingly.

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