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Camera Systems continue to evolve to meet the requirements of individuals and businesses. Whether an Analog or the newer IP Camera system, Emergency Response Associates is here to help you meet your needs.

While CCTV is great in a retail setting to both deter theft and provide you a recording, there are many applications for different types of occupancies.

  • Protect yourself from unnecessary liability by having an eye on your common area and eliminate fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Deter potential unwanted activity.
  • Track employee movement throughout offices and warehouses.
  • Provide staff protection and a reduced fear of crime.

After installation of your camera system, you provide us internet, and we will network your system for remote viewing via a smartphone app or a remote computer. Here you can keep a lookout on your assets when you are not on-site. Whether it is 1 camera or 100 cameras, Emergency Response Associates can provide a scalable solution to achieve your desired end product.

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